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Michael D. Payne Testimonials

A Really Good Attorney

“Michael Payne is a really good attorney. He resolved my case quickly and got me a lot of money. I highly recommend Michael Payne to all my friends who have had an accident.”

– Ken

Speak To The Attorney

“The great thing about Mike’s office is that you get to speak to the attorney. That meant a lot to me.”

– Maria

A Lot More Money

“The insurance company offered five hundred dollars to settle my case. After I contacted Mike and he agreed to represent me the insurance company settled for a lot more money. I was very happy with his handling of my case.”

– Jessica

We Went To Trial And Won

“Michael Payne was the first attorney that came to my mind when I needed help with my automobile personal injury accident case. He personally answered my questions and was aggressive with the automobile insurance company. The insurance company offered very little money. We went to trial and won. I was glad Michael Payne was willing to take my case to trial.”

– Luis

A Good Lawyer

“Mike does not give up. He is very aggressive and anticipates every possible roadblock. He did a great job representing me and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a good lawyer.”

– James

I Highly Recommend Mr. Payne

“I highly recommend Mr. Payne to all friends and family. Mr. Payne is aggressive, committed, and I was especially impressed with his knowledge in law. Mr. Payne and his team are amazing. I love his secretary. When I call, she knows exactly who I am and knows what is going on with my case.”


Knows His Way Around A Courtroom

“Mike Payne is a great guy. He knows his way around a courtroom and knows how to get results. We highly recommend him to our family and friends.”

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