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Civil Rights

Experienced California Civil Rights Lawyers

The laws of California and the United States Constitution exist to protect you. While most police officers are law-abiding, when they violate the law they too have to be held accountable.

At the Law Offices of Michael D. Payne, we are committed to helping victims of abuse by police officers. We represented the late Rodney King during the latter years of his life.

We Get Victims Of Abuse The Justice They Deserve

We have the experience to help you in a wide variety of matters that may be violations of your Civil Rights. Examples are provided below:

  • Unjustified Use of Deadly Force
  • Excessive Force or Brutality
  • Sexual Abuse
  • False Arrest

We understand the fight for justice for the underserved and often disenfranchised. We can help if you are a victim of police brutality or excessive force in California or any other state in the United States resulting in serious injuries or the death of a loved one. The United States Constitution exists to protect you. We will go to any state, city or county to fight for your rights!

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