Los Angeles Nightclub Injury Lawyers

Los Angeles Nightclub Injury Lawyers


page-nightclub-injuryOne of the many aspects of Los Angeles, California, that so many “Angelinos” (LA residents) and individuals living in the surrounding cities enjoy is the thriving nightlife that characterizes this heavily populated metropolitan area. Individuals enjoy this environment because they can spend an entire evening dancing, dining, drinking, mingling with friends and just having an enjoyable time in general. They go to nightclubs expecting to have a good time and escape the pressures and stress of their weekly schedules.

What they don’t expect is that they may be caught in the middle of a dangerous situation and risk serious injury as a result. Unfortunately, the reality is that a number of individuals have experienced minor to severe injuries when they are merely innocent bystanders who are minding their own business and socializing with their friends. These situations and the injuries that can result are oftentimes extremely traumatizing as well. If you have recently experienced a nightclub injury in LA and feel the nightclub is at fault, you should contact a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney who focuses on this area of California personal injury law.

The Responsibility Of The Nightclub To Its Patrons

It’s no secret that nightclubs located in LA and LA County are characterized by a high rate of brawls, fighting and other types of violence compared to other venues. Even if you are not participating in an altercation that has developed, you can still be injured simply because you are too close to the action. The responsibility of the nightclub is to ensure that everyone inside and outside of the property will be safe while they are there. Therefore, the role of security is to protect patrons and prevent these situations from occurring.

Bouncers and other security personnel are responsible for breaking up any brawls or fights that occur as well as escorting aggressively disruptive and inebriated individuals off the premises in order to protect those individuals who are there to have a good time. If you are assaulted or get attacked and the bouncers or security personnel could have prevented this yet did nothing to protect you, you may be able to sue the owner of the nightclub for damages. Furthermore, if you were injured by a bouncer or security personnel, you may be eligible for receiving compensation for your injuries. An experienced West Covina personal injury lawyer will determine what type of compensation and benefits you are entitled to.

Who Are The Responsible Parties?

In most instances, when a fight breaks out, you are at high risk of being injured, especially if you are in close proximity to the altercation. In most cases, one or a combination of the following individuals will either be the cause of your injuries and/or be responsible for them:

  • Bartenders
  • Bouncers and other security personnel
  • Busing staff members
  • Club managers
  • Club owners
  • Club patrons
  • Waiters and waitresses

As a bystander, you can get drawn into the altercation and injured when bouncers or security personnel attempt to break up the fight or move it outdoors. As a result, you could be hit, kicked, punched, or shoved in the process and incur injuries that can range from only minor to extremely severe.

Understanding California Premises Liability Law

The body of law that pertains to those individuals who are responsible for injuries to other persons who are present on the land, property, and premises that they own when said injuries occur is referred to as “premises liability” law. Bars, discos, and nightclubs are similar to other types of businesses (e.g., grocery stores, hotels, retail establishments, etc.) in that the owners of these businesses can be held responsible should another individual or individuals be injured while on their property.

Nightclubs and their owners can be found liable for any “guest” injuries that have been caused by negligent employees under premises liability law and theory. When a fight breaks out in a nightclub, innocent bystanders are oftentimes hurt during the skirmish in one of two ways. Either they are assaulted by an employee who mistakes the individual for a participant in the fight or a bouncer/security person was negligent during the altercation. In either situation, these individuals are not immune to a personal injury claim.

According to the Legal Dictionary, an assault is any intentional act that creates apprehension or puts another individual in fear of harmful or offensive contact. Basically, it is the threat of bodily harm coupled with the presence of the ability to cause that harm. Under normal circumstances, bouncers and security personnel are never allowed to make any physical contact with the club’s patrons. They can only get physical if they are forced to defend themselves from an unruly (usually inebriated) individual.

How An Experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

In the previously mentioned situations above, you will probably have good cause to sue the nightclub and its owner for your injuries and receive compensation for medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and time missed at work while you are healing. This is not the time to consult with your basic personal injury lawyer. These circumstances require the experience and expertise of a Los Angeles County personal injury attorney. His or her responsibility is to prove that the nightclub was liable for your injuries.

The right personal injury attorney who is experienced and well-versed in premises liability law will be able to evaluate your case and advise you of your options in such legal matters. They will be able to generate a plan for stating your case in court and holding the nightclub owner responsible for your injuries. If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding your personal injury case, contact West Covina, California, injury lawyer Michael D. Payne today.

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