Fatal Trucking Accidents

Fatal Truck Accidents

West Covina And Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer


page-truck-accidentThe many highways and interstates of Southern California pose a major risk to drivers of passenger vehicles. Semi-truck and 18-wheeler drivers often travel these roadways while extremely fatigued and often at breakneck speeds in order to meet shipment deadlines. As a result, they fall asleep at the wheel, inattentively change lanes and fail to recognize when traffic ahead has unexpectedly slowed or stopped. This reckless or negligent behavior can change lives, causing unexpected injuries or even death.

People in West Covina, Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California who are affected by these serious accidents can rely on the experience and determination of the Law Offices of Michael D. Payne. Our firm works relentlessly to help truck accident victims and the families of fatal accident victims secure the full and fair compensation to which they are entitled. To discuss your accident with an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Diligence And Experience On Your Side After A Truck Accident

Commercial trucking companies will attempt to limit their liability in trucking accident lawsuits. In fact, they often deploy a team of accident reconstruction experts, insurance adjusters, investigators and lawyers to the scene of an accident — often before the vehicles are even removed from the scene. It is their job to essentially control the accident scene in order to mitigate the amount of evidence that proves their liability. Attorney Michael D. Payne has extensive experience working with the insurance companies and thoroughly understands their tactics. This knowledge enables him to better prepare injury cases.

The Law Offices of Michael D. Payne aggressively pursues liability for injuries resulting from:

  • Truck driver negligence
  • Truck company negligence
  • Defective or dangerous truck parts
  • Dangerous roads or highway conditions

Because of the size and speed at which tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks travel, an accident involving any other vehicle will almost inevitably result in serious injuries, including head trauma or a spinal cord injury — or even worse. We pursue compensation to help alleviate the financial turmoil that clients must endure as a result of their serious injuries or losses.

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